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“It’s the economy, stupid!”

2011 August 9
by velomonkey

With the latest brouhaha going on in Washington and the turmoil on Wall Street we’re reminded of the old truism “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Well in cycling, specifically road bikes, there is another truism but you never hear this one given that everyone is pushing the latest and greatest frames with pictures of bottom brackets and talking about more new standards in bottom brackets.    This one is simple: “It’s all about the wheels, stupid!”

You’d think given what you read about frames, frame material, beefed up BBs and seat stays that it’s all about the frame.   We got news for you, it’s not.    The wheels make the ride and in the next few weeks we’re going to detail for you how this is case and some of the wheels we’re been riding and racing.
So in the meantime, don’t look at your portfolio too much and get out there and ride.

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